The Last Time Big Sur Burned – The ’72 Molera Fire

July 5, 2008

The last fire to burn through the Big Sur Valley was the Molera Fire in 1972 (we originally wrote 1974, but Sean Shadwell, who has clearly done less to damage his memory during the ensuing years, reminded us that it was really 1972). Whatever the year, the day itself was certainly memorable.

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Big Sur/Ventana Wilderness Fire News

June 23, 2008

This page (and the many pages that follow) contain our day by day, hour by hour, blow by blow account of the Basin Complex Fires that burned through the Santa Lucia mountains June – August 2008. For information on the Chalk Fire, which broke out on the South Coast Ridge the evening of September 27 and burned throughout the month of October, please see our Chalk Fire pages. Please be aware that we have left these pages pretty much as they were created – so some off-site links may no longer be active.

For the latest information on fire, flood & storm see our Big Sur/Ventana Wilderness Fire/Flood Links Page featuring weather forecasts, weather radar, stream & rain gauge monitors, webcams, local blogs and much, much more.

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