Bicycle Tour to Lake San Antonio and the Pinnacles

May 31, 2010

A beautiful day in the making Read the rest of this entry »

Above the Fog: Boronda Trail & Cisco Creek

May 16, 2010

The Boronda Trail begins next to this debris flow barrier about half a mile south of the Coast Gallery. Read the rest of this entry »

Mt. Carmel in May

May 9, 2010

When we visited the summit of Mt. Carmel (AKA Boulder Mtn.) two years ago, it seemed that the place had been forgotten and that all traces of the trail were destined to disappear into the brush. It hasn’t happened. Today, the climb from Bottcher’s Gap to Mt. Carmel has emerged as one of the most popular day hikes in the Ventana Wilderness (something we can easily see in the ever-increasing number of unwary net surfers who stumble onto this site by searching for “Mt. Carmel” or “Bottcher’s Gap to Mt. Carmel”). A summit register has even appeared!

When we visited again yesterday (May 8, 2010) we found a virtual parade of hikers lining the trail between Bottcher’s Gap and the summit. The trip seems especially popular among couples – and couples ranging in age from early twenties to late sixties were sweating their way up the hill.

Here’s a little of what we saw along the way …

A Canyon Oak (Quercus chrysolepis) blooms near Bottcher’s Gap. Read the rest of this entry »

Pt. Lobos Wildflowers

May 2, 2010

Seaside Painted Cup (Castilleja latifolia) blooming on the South Shore. Read the rest of this entry »