Stony Fire Grows Quickly at Ft. Hunter Liggett

June 19, 2014

A wildfire broke out a little after three this afternoon in Stony Valley on Ft. Hunter Liggett, likely as a result of military activity in the area. By 4:30 a large smoke column was visible from much of the Salinas Valley, and the fire has now reportedly grown to 2,500 acres. There is still zero containment. Read the rest of this entry »

Cone Peak Directissima: Going Sea to Sky on Big Sur’s Stone Ridge

June 16, 2014

Big Sur’s Cone Peak rises out of the ocean about as steeply as any mountain on the planet. It’s summit, at 5,155 feet, lies less than 3 miles, as the condor flies, from the beach. This delivers an average gradient of around 33%; steeper than the rise of Mt. Whitney from the floor of Owens Valley. Making the journey from the beach to the summit on foot takes only a little over 5 miles, thanks to the open slopes of Stone Ridge. And it’s one of the most spectacular walks in Big Sur. Which is saying something.

IMG_1198 Read the rest of this entry »