Embrace Cal-Am or the State Water Board will Shut Off Your Water!

March 28, 2014


Pelicans paceline above a dry coast

Business leaders on the Monterey Peninsula don’t exactly love water-supplier, Cal-Am, but, as they’ve demonstrated many times, they greatly prefer Cal-Am to a water purveyor directly responsible to residential ratepayers. Read the rest of this entry »


Should We Ask the European Union and UNICEF to Build Us a Desal Plant?

March 21, 2014


A dredge works to accelerate coastal erosion near the site of the proposed desal plant

We’ve commented before on how people in other places seem able to build desal plants for only a fraction of the cost of the plants proposed here, and in a fraction of the time. Today’s example comes from the Gaza Strip, where the European Union and UNICEF are teaming up to build a desalination facility capable of meeting the water needs of 75,000 people. The project was launched yesterday and the plant is expected to be operational next year. The cost? $13.7 million. We will be fortunate indeed if we don’t pay more than 30 times that much for our plant.

Read more about the Gaza Strip desal plant here.

Rain Gets Rivers Flowing, But Water Still in Short Supply

March 5, 2014


Not much water flowed into the Carmel River Lagoon

Last week’s rain marked the first serious winter storm to hit the Monterey Peninsula and Big Sur Coast since December, 2012. It was badly needed.

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