Soberanes Fire: Week Two

July 29, 2016

For more recent updates, see Soberanes Fire: Week Three and Soberanes Fire: Week Four


For earlier maps and notes see Soberanes Fire: Week One

Important caveats: Please note that the squares on the heat detection maps represent the expected margin of error, not the size of the area burned. In other words, the detection could have come from anywhere within the square. Also be aware that false detections do sometimes occur. An outlying or “over the line” heat detection is not, by itself, a confirmation that there is fire in the area indicated. In addition, the satellites do not detect heat everywhere that fire exists. Creeping, backing or smoldering fire is often not detected. Finally, the detections are only snapshots of moments in time. Flare ups that occur before or after a satellite pass may be entirely missed.

Also be aware that yellow squares disappear from the map after 6 days. These are not maps of the area burned since the fire began, just maps of where heat has been detected during the past week. Read the rest of this entry »

Soberanes Fire: Week One

July 22, 2016

For more recent updates, please see Soberanes Fire: Week Two,  Soberanes Fire: Week Three and Soberanes Fire: Week Four

Thursday 7-28-16 8:00 pm Update:


Lots of smoke coming from the fire today and there’s no doubt about where most of it was coming from… Read the rest of this entry »