Trail Work on the North Fork Little Sur

September 29, 2012

Back in February we joined a Ventana Wilderness Alliance trail crew to work on the Little Sur Trail along the South Fork Little Sur. Today, in honor of National Public Lands Day, we returned with the VWA to work the other end of the Little Sur Trail, on the climb from the North Fork Little Sur to Launtz Ridge. Those with unnaturally good memories may recall that we posted some photos from a walk along this badly deteriorated trail back in November, 2010.

The crew gathers at the Pico Blanco Boy Scout Camp Read the rest of this entry »


You Can’t Make This Stuff Up: Marina Coast Now Says They Need Desalted Water

September 12, 2012

Carmel River Mouth

One of the worst aspects of the, now defunct, Regional Desalination Project was the unfair pricing scheme that would have forced Cal-Am ratepayers to pick up the tab for nearly the entire cost of desalting 1,700, or more, acre feet of water per year for the Marina Coast Water District. At the time, Marina Coast representatives vociferously defended this blatant rip-off by repeatedly insisting that Marina Coast didn’t need the water and was, essentially, only involved in the project as a favor to the Monterey Peninsula. Read the rest of this entry »