Veteran’s Day at Mt. Carmel & Pine Creek

November 13, 2012

Bottcher’s Gap Read the rest of this entry »

Wildflower of the Week: Scarlet Bugler

May 16, 2012

Scarlet Bugler (Penstemon centranthifolius) blooming on the lower slopes of Devil’s Peak in the Ventana Wilderness.

Attention-grabbing stalks of Scarlet Bugler are currently blooming throughout the drier and hotter parts of the Santa Lucia Mountains, making it a natural choice for Wildflower of the Week. Read the rest of this entry »

Death on the Little Sur

April 12, 2012

North Fork Little Sur

Among many wild and beautiful streams in the Santa Lucia Mountains, the North Fork of the Little Sur River stands out as one of the wildest and most beautiful. Rising on the north face of the Double Cone, it drains a deep, nearly trail-less, basin heavily forested with redwood and, unusually for the Santa Lucia, Douglas Fir; then squeezes through the narrow gap between Pico Blanco and Bixby Mountain to reach the coast. Read the rest of this entry »

A Saturday on Rattlesnake Creek

January 28, 2012

A Saturday with no obligations! I head off to the Ventana Wilderness with no particular destination in mind …

The parking lot for the trailhead at Los Padres Dam is gated for some reason these days, so it’s necessary to park down the hill at the Forest Service Station. Read the rest of this entry »