Bear Turns Up Near Garrapata State Park


Black Bear (Ursus americanus)

A bear was sighted this morning and trash cans found knocked over on private property immediately adjacent to Garrapata State Park. Don’t know if it was the same bear that visited Pt. Lobos and the Monterey Peninsula last month making his way back from the “remote location” where he was released, or a new bear, but keep your eyes open and secure your trash.

Black bears are not particularly dangerous. In spite of there being as many as 40,000 wild bears in California, no one has been killed by one in more than 100 years. They are capable of a good deal of property damage, though, and the way to prevent that is to avoid attracting them in the first place.

Black bears have been slowly moving into the Northern Santa Lucia mountains for many years and it is inevitable that bear sightings will continue.

One Response to Bear Turns Up Near Garrapata State Park

  1. people are destroyers….every race, every culture…we are a plague on this earth….big sur, the most beautiful place in the world, and you make it ‘news’ that a bear was spotted? they BELONG in big sur…we,however, DO NOT… marijuana cartels in garrapata??? no low that humans can whip up surprises me….we do NOT DESERVE to even see Big Sur…as we can only diminish it….

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