Monterey Peninsula Water Use Still Climbing


Monterey Peninsula graffiti may not be up to the standards of the LBC, but we can still match them in water consumption.

Residential water use in the Monterey Peninsula Cal Am service area jumped to 58.8 gallons per person per day in May. This is up from 55.8 gallons in April. The increase drops the Monterey Peninsula from 29th place on the list of the state’s most water-frugal cities and water districts, all the way down into an ignominious 48th place tie with Long Beach. How long ago now seems that glorious wet December of 2014, when Peninsula residents turned off their landscape irrigation systems and used only a little over 33 gallons per person per day; the second lowest total in the state.

The residential water customers of the Bay Area’s Westborough Water District led the state in May, using 38.6 gallons per person per day. The top water conservationists on the Central Coast continued to be the residents of Santa Cruz, who took an impressive 3rd place at 40.0 gallons. King City, at 51.2 gallons, continued to be the Monterey County leader, but even the residents of the dysfunctional Marina Coast Water District managed to squeeze in ahead of the Monterey Peninsula in May, posting a 58.7.

The June figures will be available at the beginning of August.

Stay tuned… and remind your friends and neighbors that there really is a lot more we could be doing to save water.

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