Gloria Fire Threatening Homes East of Soledad

In a repeat of yesterday’s Bryson Fire, that ignited in the early afternoon and had burned over 1,500 acres by sundown, today’s Gloria Fire (that broke out about 2:45) has already burned more than 2,000 acres. It appears to be moving southeast through the Gabilans east of Soledad. Homes in Bryant and Stonewall canyon are threatened.

Hopefully, as happened with the Bryson Fire, the intensity will diminish overnight – but we haven’t seen much sign of that yet.

7:45AM Friday August 28 Update

Cal Fire is reporting 5,000 acres and 1 structure burned, with 15% containment. Sounds like it was a busy night.

Cause of fire reported to be vineyard workers using fireworks to scare birds. Yes, setting off fireworks during a red flag fire warning.

9:15AM Friday August 28 Update

The overnight heat detecting satellite found fire in two areas. In the hills to the east of Gloria Camphora Rd. (nearer to where the fire began), and off to the south, bumping up against Hwy. 146 (the single lane access road to West Pinnacles – which we’ve drawn in as a white line). This is not a “fire map” remember, only an indication of where things were hottest when the satellite made its pass (which appears to have been about 2:00AM).


5:45PM Friday August 28 Update

Cal Fire now says 6,000 acres have burned. Containment still only at 15%.

7:45AM Saturday August 29 Update

Cal Fire has left their size estimate unchanged at 6,000 acres, but has upped their containment estimate to 60% this morning. The overnight satellite scan found heat only in the fire’s northern area. That doesn’t mean the fire has gone out elsewhere, of course. It’s just a clue as to where the active burning was around midnight.


Here’s a link to a Cal Fire perimeter map of the fire as of 2:05AM Friday. Not exactly up to date, but at least they’re offering us something this morning. It looks to us like a very rough guess, rather than a careful mapping job. This morning’s “Incident Update” is available here.

7:45PM Saturday August 29 Update

Another hot day with fires seemingly breaking out everywhere (Mt. Madonna, Pacheco Pass, Carmel Valley), but apparently a quiet day at the Gloria Fire. Cal Fire has only inched the size up to 6,437 acres. The containment estimate remains 60%.

8:15AM Sunday August 30 Update

Cal Fire says fire is now 80% contained. All evacuations have been lifted. No increase in acreage overnight and the midnight satellite pass found no heat. If you want to see what a serious fire looks like to the satellite, check out last night’s image of the Station Fire, burning along the northern edge of Los Angeles …

Station Fire 7-30AM

8:15AM Monday August 31 Update

Fire now 100% contained.

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    Hey, XT, thanks for the map. I just haven’t gotten that part down, yet.


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