Fire Threatening Bryson-Hesperia

A fire has broken out along Interlake Rd. in south Monterey County this afternoon (Wednesday 8-26-09) and is threatening the rural community of Bryson-Hesperia (better known to some as Bison-Hysteria). The fire reportedly started just north of the Bryson-Hesperia road and is burning on both sides of Interlake Rd.

Our thoughts are with the people of Bryson-Hesperia and with the firefighters currently trying to get a handle on the blaze in very difficult conditions.

There’s a lot of fire equipment headed to the scene, so please keep off the roads in the area, if possible.

4:45PM Update

Some estimates now place the fire (which started about 1:15 this afternoon) at over 1,500 acres. Mandatory evacuations are reportedly under way.

6:30PM Thursday August 27 Update

Fire is up to 3,383 acres, but most of the new acreage is due to burn out operations. The danger appears to be mostly past. Containment is at 80% and full containment is expected by 6:00 tomorrow evening.

8:00PM Thursday August 27 Update

Cal Fire is now reporting 4,000 acres, 3 residences and 2 outbuildings burned. Throughout the day we’d only heard reports of one residence (the trailer where the fire started) and two outbuildings burning. We hope there isn’t more bad news to come.

11:30AM Friday August 28 Update

As of 11:00 this morning, Cal Fire is reporting the Bryson Fire 100% contained. Hopefully, this will free up more resources to fight the Gloria Fire.

One Response to Fire Threatening Bryson-Hesperia

  1. bigsurkate says:

    And smoke from the Bryson fire still visible from the Santa Lucias on Friday, 8/28 am, as well as smoke from Gloria.

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