March Wildflowers: Garzas Creek & Vásquez Knob

March 7, 2015


The Carmel River’s last major tributary, Garzas Creek, flows through Garland Regional Park.

Here’s some of what’s currently blooming along the creek and on the trail to the top of Vásquez Knob… Read the rest of this entry »


Heroes & Hypocrisy: The Naming of Tiburcio Vásquez Elementary School

February 3, 2013


Tiburcio Vásquez 1835 – 1875

It’s been almost two months since the Alisal School Board voted to name a new elementary school after Tiburcio Vásquez and, rather than dying down, outrage over the choice (fanned by headlines like “Officials Defend Decision to Name School After Murderer”) only seems to be growing. Concerned commentators and citizens declare themselves saddened and perplexed that school officials would hold out a gangster and criminal as a role-model for Alisal’s overwhelmingly Latino children. There are even attempts being made to strip the Alisal School Board (democratically elected by the Alisal community) of their power to determine the name. Read the rest of this entry »