The Fate of the Oaks

October 12, 2011

Trail under coast live oaks (Quercus agrifolia) on Big Sur’s East Molera Ridge. Quercus is derived from the Celtic quer cuez, meaning “fine tree.” Read the rest of this entry »

South Fork Little Sur

June 12, 2011

There’s no sign, but the Little Sur Trail begins at this easily recognized gate on the Old Coast Rd. Just take the Old Coast Rd. north, a little under 4 miles, from its south end at Andrew Molera State Park. Read the rest of this entry »

Eleven Years at Alta Vista: Jeff Norman’s Journals

February 25, 2011

On January 1, 1980, Jeff Norman, then 29, moved into the Overstrom homestead, Alta Vista, in Big Sur. Overlooking the ocean from a 2,700-foot-high perch on Michael Ridge, and accessible only by trail, Alta Vista was an ideal location for observing and experiencing the beauty and power of the natural world. Jeff lived at Alta Vista until his death, at age 56, on October 31 2007. All structures associated with Alta Vista were burned to the ground eight months later in the Basin Complex Fire. Read the rest of this entry »

Chanterelle Mania: Starting the New Year Right

January 1, 2011

Big Sur Gold: New Year’s Day in the Throne Room of the Chanterelle Gods.

A very happy New Year to everyone, from all of us at Xasáuan Today. We wish you could all join us in feasting on these chanterelles tonight – although we imagine many of you have all the chanterelles you can handle as well.

If the first day has been any indication, the coming year should be a good one!

See you in the woods …

Rainy Day Foray

December 4, 2010

There’s nothing quite like the sight of chanterelles (Cantharellus californicus) pushing up through wet leaves. Read the rest of this entry »

Boletus Rising

November 27, 2010

The rain is falling, the ground is wet, and the mushrooms are pushing upward.

Coccora (Amanita calyptroderma). Highly esteemed by many, but closely resembles its deadly poisonous cousins – unless you really do know the difference, do yourself a favor and don’t try it. Read the rest of this entry »

Agaricus augustus Time

August 13, 2010

Delicious Agaricus augustus bursting from the fog-drenched ground Read the rest of this entry »