Chanterelles & Cider

What better way to welcome the new year than to pick some chanterelles (Cantharellus californicus) …

throw in some matsutake (Tricholoma magnivelare) …

and spend an afternoon helping turn 140 pounds of apples into cider?

That fresh apple juice is REALLY good!

As will be these chanterelles …

once they’re cleaned …

cooked …

and ready to serve.

Is Big Sur the place to be this time of year, or what?

Please Note: This site is not a guide to edible mushrooms. Please do not delude yourself into thinking you will be able to accurately identify mushrooms in the wild based on these sketchy photos. Never eat any wild mushroom unless you are VERY familiar with it AND ALSO VERY FAMILIAR WITH THE INEDIBLE MUSHROOMS IT MOST CLOSELY RESEMBLES. If you don’t have the time to slow down and really learn about our fungal friends, then you should stick to the store where you’ll have nothing to worry about (other than E. coli, pesticide residue, chemical solvents, GMO enigmas, etc.).

One Response to Chanterelles & Cider

  1. Nadereh Liaghati says:

    Thank you for sharing these memorable pictures. Yummy! I still taste the cider and shromes!

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