Agaricus augustus Time

Delicious Agaricus augustus bursting from the fog-drenched ground

There is a bright side to the soaking wet fog that’s been blanketing the coast for what’s starting to seem like forever. It’s created ideal conditions for a bumper crop of Agaricus augustus, our biggest and most delectable summer mushroom. This almond-flavored treat doesn’t last long, though. It rots away almost as quickly as it appears, so it must be picked and eaten within a few days of breaking the surface.

Better check your patches this weekend!

Please Note: Eating wild mushrooms is stupid. Everyone knows they’re all deadly poisonous. Especially the ones growing in our favorite patches. We strongly advise you eat nothing but the perfectly safe food on sale at your local market.

One Response to Agaricus augustus Time

  1. WILD MUSHROOMS! Certainly there are numbers of wild mushrooms that are dangerous, but most are just inedible or not very tasty. However, many are simply delectable and not only are healthy nutrition that adds a wonderful natural component to our diet, but learning to distinguish which is which and searching for them in the woods is a marvelous experience that connects you deeply into the beautifully complex microcosm of the surface of the earth’s skin. I first discovered this magical world in the late 60s in Big Sur. I found more than 70 species in one year, some of which I was, as a neophyte, even will all the books, never able to identify. Those I left alone along with the poisonous ones, but many varieties ended up gracing my kitchen table.

    But I agree with the author. Collecting wild mushrooms requires knowledge and appreciation for the Creation, the antithesis of what has been happening in much of Land ‘O Freedom Folks (U.S.) culture today. It is far better to buy all your food in plastic bottles at the drugstore,or at the very least supermarket stuff that it is obscenely processed and has a list of at least 108 chemical ingredients on the label. Be anything but Real!

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