Zandy’s Bride at Molera: Part II

Last year we posted some photos from the set of  Zandy’s Bride – filmed at Andrew Molera State Park in 1974. The picture, starring Gene Hackman and Liv Ullman, was based on the book The Stranger in Big Sur, by Lillian Bos Ross. The set was constructed on the coastal terrace near the mouth of the Big Sur River.

As there’s been quite a bit of interest in the first batch of photos, we’ve now ventured deeper into the archives and uncovered some additional images …

View down Main St.

The hotel was more impressive from the front …

And from the side …

Than from the back.

The Pacific Coast Overland Stage Line, complete with antlers and oil drums.

The ticket window. Note the “weathered adobe” detailing.

Looking across the mouth of the Big Sur River to the coastal bluffs beyond. The boats and water tank are a nice touch.

The Ranch House sits at the end of the block. Post Summit rises behind.

Ye Olde Adobe

Living Room


Odd-looking outbuilding on the edge of town. The redwood grove on the summit of East Molera Ridge can be seen in the left background.

Click here to view the first set of photos (Part I).

5 Responses to Zandy’s Bride at Molera: Part II

  1. Lois DeFord says:

    Fascinating that a movie company would build a small town, then tear it down. I read both The Stranger and the sequel, Blaze Allen, many years ago. Great books, and still loved the movie. How do I access your Zandy’s Bride Part 1 from the archives?

  2. Lois DeFord says:

    In the book, The Stranger, the cabin described was nothing so fine as the ranch house pictured.

  3. xasauan says:

    A link to the original post has been added …

  4. Lois DeFord says:

    Thank you!

  5. AnnieCamp says:

    Watched the movie last night and really enjoyed it . . . going to read both books now. BTW – don’t recall the picket fence or even the interior looking so nice. Gee – I remember it as not much more than a hovel. The outside improved while Gene Hackman was away but the house was still dark and dreary. I must pay more attention – it is still on my DVR so I am going to fast forward through it and take another look!

    The pictures were interesting to see – I do recognize the town. Thanks for posting. I was searching for the name of the author the movie was based on and ran across this site.

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