Runoff Roundup

The Carmel River pushing better than 5,000 cubic feet per second across the sandbar this morning at 7:30am

With all the concern about high water, we thought we’d take a look at just how high the Santa Lucia’s major streams got last night.

Approximate peak flows (in cubic feet per second):

Big Sur River – 4,690

Carmel River – 7,000

San Antonio River – 10,000

Nacimiento River – 11,000

Arroyo Seco River – 12,000

Interesting that the Nacimiento River didn’t even match the level (14,000 cfs) it reached last Sunday. Apparently, yesterday’s rain was focused a little more to the north. Still, these hefty late season flows into lakes San Antonio and Nacimiento will be welcomed by Salinas Valley water users.

Although the flow of the Big Sur River was less than the other major Santa Lucia streams, due to the smaller size of its channel and the amount of development immediately adjacent to its banks, it was the only stream to (briefly) reach flood stage.

See our Links Page to track current water levels.

One Response to Runoff Roundup

  1. Chris L says:

    Purely anecdotal — and I wonder how it would compare to other northern Santa Lucia creeks — but what I’ve been observing these past days in upper Rocky Creek is (1) the creek *staying* high much longer than usual; and presumably relatedly (2) that it’s spreading “wider” above its banks rather than just spiking “high.”

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