Big Sur River Above Flood Stage

Redwoods in the rain – Post Creek

At 7:15pm Thursday, March 24, the Big Sur River was at 10.36 feet (flood stage is 10 feet) and flowing at 4,690 cubic feet per second. The water level was still climbing, but not as quickly as earlier in the evening. This does NOT mean that there will necessarily be a damaging flood. The Big Sur River topped 5,000cfs in October of 2009 without causing any serious damage and the post Marble-Cone Fire floods of 1978 hit 10,700cfs – more than twice the water currently flowing down the river.

Click here to view the current height of the Big Sur River. See our Links Page for other local stream gauges.

7:50pm Update: The river is now dropping. At 7:45 it was at 10.17 feet (4,430cfs).

8:50pm Update: River below flood stage, as of 8:30, running at 9.80 feet (4,050cfs).

2 Responses to Big Sur River Above Flood Stage

  1. Chris L says:

    Thanks for the heads up, XT.

  2. Lois DeFord says:

    Thankfully the rain stopped and the river is slowing down. Thanks Xasauan for the update. As usual, you’re right on top of it!

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