No one has signed the waterlogged log in this moldering “Geocache” since 2007.

Q: What do you do when you want to sell a cool new electronic device that only a handful of scientists and surveyors really have any use for?

A: Hype a new game in which people buy your expensive technology in order to run around in the woods leaving and looking for Tupperware containers full of Star Wars figurines.

Maybe that’s a cynical view. And certainly a more serious-minded new cohort of GPS users, by establishing GPS verified routes along trail corridors, have made the GPS, we’re told, indispensable for remaining oriented and avoiding a grisly death – or at least some unnecessary bushwhacking – in the backcountry. Who knew? Makes us wonder how anyone ever found Sykes without one.

Our point, though, and we do have one, is that “Geocaching” appears to be on the decline. At least around here. We base that opinion on the quantity of Geotrash – old and/or forgotten Geocaches slowly migrating out of their clever hiding places under power of rain, wind, erosion and rodents – lying around in the woods. From reading the logs contained in the forlorn caches we’ve stumbled across, it looks to us like the “sport” reached a peak around 2006 or 2007 and has waned pretty rapidly since.

So if there are any Geocachers out there who haven’t yet gotten bored and returned to playing video games in their mothers’ basements, we’d like to suggest a whole new aspect to the game. How about checking your Geocaching forums for caches that no one has reported visiting in years, then going out there, finding what’s left of them, and cleaning them up? Now there’s a way to put a GPS unit to a genuinely practical use!

4 Responses to Geotrashing

  1. fedak says:

    Most of the geotrash around Vegas seems to be left by the Boy Scouts:

    Disappointing that the BSA would sanction what is basically organized littering.

  2. Boon says:

    Glad to hear this fad is waning. I’ve found and packed out several “geocaches” from designated wilderness in the past, somewhere they should never have been located in the first place.

  3. Gayle says:

    Never did quite understand this idea – although it did get a lot of folks outside. But the PLASTIC left everywhere is what gets me. I have always been a ‘pack your trash’ kind of person, and this is exactly what you call it – geo-TRASHING. I too am glad it’s on the decline.

  4. fedak says:

    Here’s one I found this past weekend:

    I simply don’t understand the thought process by which one decides its a great idea to put Hot Wheels in a plastic Tupperware container and go stick it in the Arizona desert.

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