A Return to Normalcy

What with earthquakes, tsunamis, and a multiple reactor nuclear disaster unfolding, it’s been a rough week on planet earth. So it’s nice to know there are still some things we can count on. Things that never change. Things like Highway One in Big Sur randomly slipping into the ocean.

The slide occurred just past the 35mph sign in the background of this old cycling photo. It’s just south of Rocky Creek (and, yes, that means that while you can still get to Palo Colorado and Bottchers Gap as normal from Carmel, you cannot get to Bixby Bridge and the Old Coast Rd. without making a 300 mile round-trip detour by way of the Salinas Valley and the N-F road, or Cambria)

The only way to access Big Sur by vehicle is currently from the south, and the latest word, from Big Sur Kate, is that the road could be closed for “several months.”

See the highway collapse before your very eyes …

Update: CalTrans has made it their goal to have a lane open by April 16.

One Response to A Return to Normalcy

  1. Lois DeFord says:

    Now Kate says and I’ve heard elsewhere, Cal Trans will try to have one lane open in about 2 weeks. They’ll be digging into the hillside. Hopefully two lanes open in about a month. Having seen all the work that continues to be done for months on the highway south of Lucia, it does make one wonder if that wouldn’t be some kind of miracle.

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