March at the Pinnacles

With temperatures more than 30 degrees higher than just one week ago, we head for the Pinnacles

Most wildflowers have yet to reach their peak, but the shooting stars (Dodecatheon clevelandii) are almost finished

The CCC’s imaginatively designed High Peaks Trail

A diminutive mimulus growing on a seep

Among the crags

Indian Warrior  (Pedicularis densiflora) blooming beneath the chamise. Other things currently blooming include paintbrush, goldfields, wallflowers, silver lupine, tufted poppies, bush poppies, milkmaids, and fiesta flowers – but it looks like the wildflower season may need another few weeks to hit full stride.

A snowy Pimkolam seems to be the backdrop for pretty much everything we do these days …

For more on Pinnacles wildflowers, see this post from April 2009

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