A Winter Ride to Parkfield

With a very snowy Pimkolam and Piñon for a backdrop, cyclists ascend through green hills along Lonoak Rd.

Saturday, February 26, 2011: The National Weather Service has issued a Winter Weather Advisory for snow down to only a few hundred feet above sea level. This might not seem like an ideal day for a bicycle ride down to Parkfield, in the far southeastern corner of Monterey County, but sometimes the least likely days turn out to be the best. In this case clear, crisp air, empty roads (drivers nearly all bundled up in front of their fires at home), many hours of bright sun, and a good snow storm on the final pass, add up to one of the best days on the bike we’ve had in years. Like the Birdman says, “There are no bad conditions, only bad clothing choices.”

Narrow Peach Tree Rd. is a delight to ride

The twisting descent into Indian Canyon Valley

Winter conditions set in … but a roaring fire and hot dinner are waiting at the Parkfield Inn

A snowy climb through the Cholame Hills

… and on into Parkfield.

Up the next morning, and off on new adventures …

First 5 photos courtesy of Susan Rogers

4 Responses to A Winter Ride to Parkfield

  1. Susie bright says:

    That looks so fun. Can you tell me your route? Did you start on bike in King City?

  2. xasauan says:

    Yes. From King City we took Lonoak Rd. to Hwy. 25, then across Hwy. 198 to Peach Tree Rd., which becomes Indian Canyon Rd. Then took Vineyard Canyon Rd. on into the Parkfield area. 84 miles.

  3. Chris says:

    Great roads, I’ve ridden most of them, just not in the same ride.

    Small correction: It’s Indian VALLEY Road.

  4. phyllis orrick says:

    Hi, we’re thinking of riding Indian Valley Road and peach tree road on advice of a fellow bicyclist. We would be driving down from Berkeley for a one-night visit, drive down early Sat., ride till dark (50-60 miles), spend the night and ride a couple hours (20-30 miles) Sunday. We scouted beautiful Indian Valley Road partway down from 198. Would appreciate suggestions for routes, places to stay nearby and food spots. We are 2 fairly strong riders (have done the San Luis Obispo wildflower century, which we are training for again with these rides) but not maniacs. (We break away for bagels!)

    Any suggestions very very welcome


    email me a phone number if easier if I call you.

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