Exploring Mansfield Ravine

80 acres of Mansfield Ravine, containing some of the most extensive redwood forest at the extreme southern end of the redwood range, were recently purchased by the Save the Redwoods League and added to the Los Padres National Forest. Today we went to have a look.

View down the ravine as the ascent begins

At the edge of the redwood forest.

Most of the tanbarks in the ravine have succumbed to Sudden Oak Death, but many bay and live oaks remain.

Figures in a Landscape

Cone Peak to the north

Big rollers sweeping into Pacific Valley. The roar of the surf was loud even in the ravine’s upper reaches.

The upper meadows

Evening light on the South Coast

Pacific Valley sunset

Smokey playing the Homeland Security card at the Pacific Valley fire station. Is that really a bear praying, while another bear hugs a deer in the background? What vault did they pull this out of?

3 Responses to Exploring Mansfield Ravine

  1. Valley-ite says:

    Superb coastal views! Thanks X-Team!

  2. Bruce Merchant says:

    Great – Hmm could you add directions to reach this? I know all the “natives” know how to get to every place on the coast, but some of us newcomers (11 years, plus about 7 years vacations before that) don’t know everything.

  3. xasauan says:

    Sure. Drive about 58 miles south from Carmel to the Pacific Valley Forest Service Station. The south end of the Prewitt Loop Trail departs from the south end of the Fire Station complex. It climbs up to a road. Take the road uphill to the left. After about .6 miles (from the start), the Prewitt Loop Trail departs the road to the left. To go to Mansfield Ravine, stay on the road. The road quickly ends and the trail begins. See the Ventana Wilderness Alliance website for current trail conditions.

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