Bicycle Tour to Lake San Antonio and the Pinnacles

A beautiful day in the making

Looking north from Hurricane Pt.

Lupinus arboreus blooming along the roadside

Riding past one of the slumps touched off by the winter rains

Turning onto the Nacimiento-Fergusson Rd.

The road goes up …

and up …

… and up.

A pretty healthy debris flow crossed the road here during the winter.

Scarlet Larkspur (Delphinium cardinale) growing beside the road on the descent from the summit to the Nacimiento River.

Pacific Stonecrop (Sedum spathulifolium) blooming nearby

In camp near Lake San Antonio. It may not be wilderness, but Lake San Antonio on Memorial Day weekend is certainly wild.

Mariposa Lilies (Calochortus venustus) are growing in profusion on the hill between Lake San Antonio and Lake Nacimiento in San Luis Obispo County.

Off the beaten path on the Lockwood-San Lucas Rd.

Cliff Swallows swarm around their nests on the side of the freeway overpass as we cross beneath Hwy. 101.

Crossing the Salinas River.

Climbing Bitterwater Rd. into San Benito County.

Bitterwater Summit, with the Chalone Peaks in the background.

A Splendid Mariposa Lily (Calochortus splendens) growing along the side of Hwy. 25.

The rolling hills of San Benito County.

Heading home again: crossing the Arroyo Seco River.

Arroyo Seco Rd.

Climbing the Cahoon Grade

Approaching Cahoon Summit. Note the greenness of the grass. Hard to believe this is the last day of May!

Relaxing at the summit. It’s (almost) all downhill back to town from here.

2 Responses to Bicycle Tour to Lake San Antonio and the Pinnacles

  1. noe marmolejo says:

    Great shots. Wish we had roads like that to ride here in Houston. Thanks!

  2. bigsurkate says:

    Hey, XT … glad to see photos of your trip. I knew they would be up in a matter of days. Looks like you all had great fun, and found some beautiful wildflowers, as well. Glad to have the ID on the Delphinium cardinale, I thought that’s what they were, but wasn’t sure. You are my go-to expert, now that Jeff has passed on. Thanks!

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