Forest Service Website Hacked

We’ve heard from some people wondering why our links to the Los Padres National Forest Current Conditions page and other Forest Service pages aren’t working. The reason appears to be that the Forest Service has been victimized by hackers who inserted “a hidden Iframe pointed to a Chinese domain.” In response, the Forest Service has temporarily taken some, if not all, of their pages down in order to repair them and fix the vulnerability that the hackers exploited. They have been down for several days and we don’t know when they are likely to come back up. 

In the meantime, the many other links on our  Fire/Flood/Weather/Road Conditions Links Page continue to work normally (we hope).

2 Responses to Forest Service Website Hacked

  1. fedak says:

    Ah thanks, I’d been wondering why they’ve been down.

  2. Haylee says:

    jai ajouter ce site dans mes favorie. ma revenir c sur

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