Big Sur Weathers the Storm


Clearing Storm

The storm the National Weather Service predicted would stall out over the Santa Lucia Sunday night, instead stalled out just off the coast. This directed the heaviest rain into the Santa Cruz Mountains, which ended up getting about twice the rain that fell in Big Sur. Even so, it was easily our heaviest rain yet this season (not that that’s saying much) and we’re still getting some pretty hard showers. Dry weather is promised for tomorrow.

So how are things going in the burn areas? While rain totals and rainfall rates did reach the point where the BAER and SEAT Reports had warned that trouble might begin, it looks, at this point, like things are going pretty well. There appear to have been minor debris flows in some of the coastal canyons, but we’ve heard no reports of damage. The highway suffered nothing more serious than the slumps and slides that happen during any winter storm. The larger streams didn’t appear to rise significantly faster than usual and certainly didn’t come anywhere near flooding. The Big Sur River peaked at under 1,300 cubic feet per second (cfs) – not even close to a problem for a stream that has frequently discharged 5,000 to 6,000cfs without creating serious issues (and which peaked at 10,700cfs following the Marble Cone Fire).

So far, so good. But more rain appears likely for the weekend, so don’t move your priceless family heirlooms back into those creekside cabins quite yet …

One Response to Big Sur Weathers the Storm

  1. bigsurkate says:

    Yup. We dodged this one. Let’s see how saturated we are for the next one.

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