AT&T Pro-Am Hits the Beach – And Almost Hits Us

While we appreciate the boost the AT&T Pro-Am gives our local economy and are grateful for the money it raises for local charities, we generally do our best to avoid going anywhere near the actual golfing action. Today, however, we went for a walk on the beach and the PGA Tour brought the action to us …


Golfer, accompanied by camera crew, attempts (unsuccessfully) to hit his half-buried ball back to the Pebble Beach Golf Course from the Carmel Beach.

The first shot landed in a pile of kelp. The second shot, captured in this video, hit the wall and came right back to us. He threw in the towel at that point, which was probably just as well.

We’re glad to know that PGA Tour golf and the ridiculous “cowboy golf” we used to play out in the brush aren’t really so different after all. Kind of gave us a whole new respect for the game …

News Flash: We’ve been informed that the golfer in question is none other than surfing legend Kelly Slater. Guess he just couldn’t keep away from those waves …

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