“No Matter How Much Concrete They Pour, All those Seawalls and Houses will End Up in the Ocean”

– NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Climatologist Bill Patzert, as quoted in the LA Times


Heavy equipment piles rocks onto the beach in front of Monterey’s Ocean House Condos 12-30-08

The LA Times has posted an article and video explaining the dynamics of beach erosion and the futility of trying to protect coastal properties in the face of rising sea levels. Their focus is on Malibu, but they might as well be talking about Monterey’s Del Monte Beach – where heavy equipment is currently at work shoring up both the Ocean House Condos and the Monterey Beach Hotel.

As mentioned in a previous post, the Ocean House Condo owners were recently ordered to pay $2.15 million to compensate the public for the loss of the beach – which their seawalls are destroying.

2 Responses to “No Matter How Much Concrete They Pour, All those Seawalls and Houses will End Up in the Ocean”

  1. O.H. Klenert says:

    Stone-age technology is what is shown in the picture. Almost embarrrassing in our time when we try to reach the outer limits of our universe.
    The Patent and Patent Pending Technology demonstrated by the Earth/Sand Cell Module System is an environmental friendly system which cooperates and harnesses the energy of waves instead of creating impact and scouring forces which will erode coastal upland. For additional information click on http://www.earthcellmodule.com or contact the editor of this paper.

  2. cab83 says:

    I went to the beach in Limon, on the Caribbean for New Year’s. Still quite a bit of sand left, but just a few weeks ago, a lot of Limon was under water due to heavy rains. Still some standing water in the banana plantations. The rainy season is over for the time being, and the hot season hasn’t begun, so it’s the perfect time to be here.

    The “possibly related post” offered by WordPress for this entry was titled Peace Efforts. When clicked there was a phrase “concrete steps in hopes of bringing the warfare to an end.” The robots are very literal.

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