Old Photos


Crossing the North Fork Little Sur River, 1975
Exploring Ventana Creek, 1974 
Ventana Double Cone summit, 1974, with official sign, hitching rack and a corner of the cabin visible on the right 
View from Double Cone, 1974 
Juvenile Delinquents at Danish Creek Camp, 1974 
North Fork Little Sur, 1975. Two years later the Marble Cone Fire burned into this valley from the south, absolutely incinerating the large redwood groves on tributaries like Jackson Creek, but burning itself out in the heavy forests along the river. Backfires set on Devil’s Peak and Skinner Ridge burned into the redwoods from the other direction, but also went out in the heavy forest. Unlike on the Big Sur River, an almost unburned strip was left along the stream. 
A cold day on the Double Cone, 1975
Lost Valley Trail, 1975
Upper Higgins Camp, 1975. Note table and benches constructed from local timber. 
Zig Zag Camp, 1975 
View of Lost Valley, 1976 
Bill Cotta Plaque, 1976
In camp at Strawberry Valley, 1976 
Rainy day view from Black Cone Trail, 1976 
Post-Marble Cone View of Uncle Sam and Elephant Mountains from Pine Ridge, December 1978. Over a year after the fire things still looked pretty scorched. 

3 Responses to Old Photos

  1. Kris Swanson says:

    Juvenile Delinquents at Danish Creek Camp, 1974…I was there, different group, with horses of course! Good memories,

  2. Lindsay Jeffers says:

    Your picture of the bare brown earth where the trail crosses west of Lost Valley makes me a lier: I have been telling people for years that that burnt soil is the result of the Marble Cone Fire. It must have been some earlier fire that mineralized that soil. Thanks for those pictures. I was beginning to forget what it was like before the Marble Cone Fire.

  3. Greg Meyer says:

    Who posted these photos? I recognize a few long lost friends in the mix.

    Since you mentioned in another comment that you were a Boy Scout, we’re guessing that you’ve recognized Ventana impresario and international man of mystery, Fred Miller. – XT

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