Alta Vista 7-8-08

Nikki, Kevin and I went up to Alta Vista today. We knew there was very little chance it had survived the fire, but, obviously, we wanted to see for ourselves. Click on photos for full size version.

The lower portion of the Tin House road is completely unburned:


Then we turned the corner:



Getting up the Tin House road was something of an ordeal, but when we reached the top, the Tanbark Trail sign was still there:

… but there wasn’t much sign of the trail:


We came upon an unburned hillside and felt a little more hopeful:

But it didn’t last:


The new sign had taken some heat:

Where the Alta Vista gate once stood:

The cabin was completely gone:



So was the outhouse:

So was the barn:


Even the root cellar door was burned:

But the Bhudda and a (scorched) behind remain:


Scorched pages had drifted here and there:

The Alta Vista library was reduced to ash:

We poked around the edges, but it was still too hot to deal with:



Amazingly, only a week after Alta Vista burned, the Arundo had not only sprouted, but some stalks were already nearly two feet tall:

The smoke was getting thicker, so we headed back down. Before long we could hear fire crackling from somewhere down the hillside on our right. It was definitely time to leave:


3 Responses to Alta Vista 7-8-08

  1. Cinnie says:

    Thanks, I’m speachless!

  2. Mark Holt says:

    I was a friend of Jeffery since he was a senior at PG High and I was a freshman.

    Spent a little time at Alta Vista back in the day.

    It’s sad to see. I was hoping to return, if only to respect the memories of Jeff.

    Thank You

  3. Tom Eagan says:

    Wow – I’d heard that Jeff’s place burned, but until I saw it I didn’t imagine the totality of it. I learned of it from Jeff’s sister Cynthia (we both live in Friday Harbor).

    Thanks so much for posting these. I have many many photos from my visits there in the ’80s thru about 2002 which I’m going to scan if anyone is interested.

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