Soberanes Fire: Week Twelve


As the twelfth, and hopefully final, week of the Soberanes Fire begins, 132,100 acres have burned and containment has reached 98%.

Some of the best information currently available on the state of the burned area is contained in the recently released Soberanes Fire Watershed Emergency Response Team (WERT) Report.

The first significant rain of the season may arrive during the coming week. Hopefully, it will be enough to put the fire definitively out, but not enough to set off damaging debris flows in denuded watersheds.

Update: The Soberanes Fire was declared 100% contained on Wednesday, October 12, 2016; almost a full 12 weeks after it began on July 22.

3 Responses to Soberanes Fire: Week Twelve

  1. Lois says:

    I always read your posts and comments, whether I reply or not. Your voice of reason, the clarity of explanations, diligent homework and postings of maps on this fire, and all pertinent local issues, your knowledge of the Big Sur back country, and your long history here has all been invaluable to us following you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  2. George St Clair says:

    Thanks so much for your definitive reporting throughout this event. It’s been such a valuable public service!

  3. Gayle Forster says:

    What Lois said!! I really appreciate all the info given, as I no longer am in the area, I know I can get a fair report of what is going on, fire related or not. Thank you for your service!!

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