Flashback! Julia Pfeiffer Burns in the 1960s

Just a few shots from the days before traffic jams and crowds…


At the Waterfall House with my mother and sister in 1966. Notice how the waterfall drops directly into the ocean. The beach formed after a 1983 landslide put a huge amount of material into the ocean just to the north.

JG 1

Mom and Sis on the terrace.

Brown House

Leading Mom around the house (I think this photo is from 1963). To get there, we rode down from the Highway on the funicular car.

2 Responses to Flashback! Julia Pfeiffer Burns in the 1960s

  1. dave nelson says:

    It’s worth pointing out that the landslide didn’t fill that cove in with sand. It was the Caltrans engineers who prescribed cutting down the mountain above the slide for 14 months with 30 bulldozers.

  2. Amy Hall says:

    wow! those were the good ole days! Wish I’d lived here then!

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