Dogs Banned from Carmel Beach

Wet Stick

The end of an era

The City of Carmel announced today that dogs have been banned from the Carmel Beach effective immediately. The ban is the result of a determination that the sound of barking constitutes a public health emergency. While monitoring of decibel levels near the beach has failed to find any instances of barking that exceeds government noise standards, the City believes those standards aren’t strict enough and that Scenic Road residents, in spite of having bought property next to a public beach, simply can’t be expected to put up with the sound of dogs frolicking in the surf and chasing each other in circles on the sand.

“Even extremely low levels of noise can be detrimental to physical and emotional health,” says a City spokesman, “and people living in multi-million dollar homes seem to be particularly vulnerable. Now that we’ve learned about the impacts of noise, we can’t pretend we don’t know how harmful it is. ”

Dogs are banned from most beaches in California and this has led to a gradual increase in the number of dogs visiting the Carmel Beach. While noise has only recently emerged as an issue, many Carmel residents have been complaining for years about an increase in visits by mangy mutts from outside the City of Carmel.

“I know it’s not politically correct to say this,” warns a member of the City Council, “but 70% of the dogs on the beach these days are not purebreds from the City of Carmel. These outside dogs just don’t have enough respect for the sensitive feelings of our residents. They just aren’t our kind of dogs.”

“Just to be clear, though,” interjects another member of the Council, “that has nothing to do with the decision to impose a ban. The ban is only because of the extreme public health emergency being created by barking.”


A Carmel dog drowns his sorrow over the closing of the beach

14 Responses to Dogs Banned from Carmel Beach

  1. ljcoletti says:

    You got me, well, almost!

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  2. quesie says:

    I am so sick of these NIMBY one percenters. They got their way at Lighthouse Field in Santa Cruz, too, and without dogs and their families playing, the place has become a heroin pit and a lonely place. It used to be the most civilized spot in town, now no more.

    On Fri, Apr 1, 2016 at 9:13 AM, “Xasáuan Today” wrote:

    > xasauan posted: ” The end of an era The City of Carmel announced today > that dogs have been banned from the Carmel Beach effective immediately. The > ban is the result of a determination that the sound of barking constitutes > a public health emergency. While monitoring of d” >

  3. Carolyn Hardy says:

    I guess “quesie” doesn’t realize it’s April Fools’ Day!

  4. joshuacanyon says:

    Plus there have bee known incidents of sand disturbance related to dog activity. Anybody would agree this sort of hooliganism and unconcern for our precious resources must be addressed at once!

  5. Richard Stott says:

    My understanding is that the council’s next item for consideration is the banning of small children, who’s sand castles never meet Carmel architectural standard.

  6. Devalady says:

    I’ll have what the dog’s having.

  7. B G says:

    So stupid. Carmel beach has ALWAYS been the one and only place peninsula residents could take their dogs for some fun and exercise. These snobby richs pricks can deal with the sound of happy pets and their owners. What will the stuck ups do when instead of walking our dogs on the beach we now are forced to walk them past their perfect multi-million dollar homes…that by the way, are vacant 8 of the 12 months a year. I was not aware the empty home needed silence. Ugh. You people disgust me.

  8. joshuacanyon says:

    Dear BG, so sorry you are sad. If you will notice the date, this was in fact the XT annual April 1 post….!

  9. Bob Faul says:

    Ark Ark Ark!

  10. Anita says:

    How POMPAS to say that outsiders don’t have the pure bred dogs that ONLY Carmelites do and that they have no manners or respect! You can’t hear the dogs or anything else over the surf anyway! This is just a way to try and controll what Carelites think is ONLY their town. Some people just need to find something else to do than always be in everone else’s business!

  11. canyon h. says:

    well done leg pull ! definitely had me going for a few sentences . Truth be known, i’d sometimes welcome a period of time when they aren’t allowed down on the beach… unfortunately ‘rude-clueless dog walker’s’ let their dogs poop then roam with any pickup .. plus time after time when i’m running (as in exercise) untended dogs will cut in my way.. the laws clearly state: unleashed dogs must be under the control of their master (or such) by voice command . Lots of these dog owner’s haven’t trained their dogs to do anything but get in and out of the car .
    You watch, it’ll take one dog attacking a baby.. maybe ripping an eye out.. & it’ll be the end to unleashed dogs on CB . Might take less

  12. How does barking exhibit an ‘extreme public health crisis’? It’s not like the dogs are shooting bees out of their mouths when they bark.

  13. Adam Jon Taylor says:

    How ridiculous the sound of dogs on the beach is much less than the sound of children playing on the beach, will you ban them too??? If you buy a house next to a beach expect to here people and animals enjoying themselves, I’d be very interested to know how many of the council persons involved live on the streets “effected” and how many took the position with the self serving agenda! Truly discussing that this can happen to aid a few when the beach is used by so many, what about the mental health of the dogs and their owners!

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