Lightning Moving Ashore

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Lightning began a little before 8:00 this evening and is now striking across the Northern Santa Lucia Mountains from Big Sur to the edge of the Salinas Valley. Let’s hope there’s some rain falling with it.

11:00 pm Update: Reports of fire at the radio towers on Mt. Toro and at Willow Creek on the South Coast. Mt. Toro fire is probably out by now. Good chance that the Willow Creek fire will be quickly extinguished, as well. No telling what may still be smoldering out there. There’ve been plenty of backcountry lightning strikes this evening.

2 Responses to Lightning Moving Ashore

  1. NKP says:

    Thanks, scary, please keep us posted

  2. Lois says:

    Thanks for the post and updates. Quite a show out there this evening. Thunder is huge!

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