Bears on the Move


A couple of years ago we discussed the fact that May and June are the prime months for bear sightings on the Monterey Peninsula. This is because May and June are the months when male and female black bears wander beyond the usual limits of their territories in search of mates.

So it’s not a surprise that a black bear was spotted on lower Robinson Canyon Rd. in Carmel Valley earlier this week. Always good to know they’re out there.

See the San Clemente Rancho Facebook page for pics.

One Response to Bears on the Move

  1. Adam says:

    At the dumpster for Pico Blanco Scout Camp near Bottcher’s Gap there was recent evidence of what looked like a bear getting into it. Not too far away from San Clemente Rancho. Something that had to be able to climb in, lift a 50 pound bag of garbage and drag it with paw indentations too large for a coyote or anything else. Hopefully they will finally get a dumpster with a lid.

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