Salinas Valley Drought Index


Dry: 2/23/13


Extra Dry: 2/22/14

Number of months since a month of average or above average rainfall: 13

Amount of water that has flowed down the San Antonio and Nacimiento Rivers into lakes San Antonio and Nacimiento this year: None

Number of feet the water level in Lake San Antonio has dropped over the past twelve months: 92

Additional feet the water level in Lake San Antonio can drop before it reaches “dead pool” (below the level of the outlet pipes): 10

Combined capacity of Lakes San Antonio and Nacimiento: 729,000 acre feet

Amount currently in storage: 95,330 acre feet

Average yearly pumping as reported by Salinas Valley well operators from 2003 – 2012: 495,968 acre feet

Elevation of groundwater in the most heavily over-pumped section of the Salinas Valley’s East Side Aquifer: More than 60 feet below sea level

Rate of advance of seawater into the Salinas Valley’s 180-foot aquifer prior to current drought: 600 feet per year

Chance that current drought will exacerbate nearly all Salinas Valley water problems from seawater intrusion to ag runoff contamination: 100%

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