Trail Work on the North Fork Little Sur

Back in February we joined a Ventana Wilderness Alliance trail crew to work on the Little Sur Trail along the South Fork Little Sur. Today, in honor of National Public Lands Day, we returned with the VWA to work the other end of the Little Sur Trail, on the climb from the North Fork Little Sur to Launtz Ridge. Those with unnaturally good memories may recall that we posted some photos from a walk along this badly deteriorated trail back in November, 2010.

The crew gathers at the Pico Blanco Boy Scout Camp

Choose your instrument

The work begins

In the sticks

Saw work

Facing a mess like this with nothing but hand tools can be a little intimidating …

… but it’s amazing what a good crew can accomplish.

Crossing the North Fork on the way home

Evening light on Pico Blanco

3 Responses to Trail Work on the North Fork Little Sur

  1. Lois says:

    Good to hear from you again, Xasauan! I always enjoy your posts, and yes, I do remember your photos and comments regarding the badly deteriorated trail of the north fork. Nice to see what has been accomplished with a lot of work.

  2. Chris L says:

    Can’t tell you how happy this makes me — and wish I’d been paying attention so that I could have joined in.

    Next leg — getting to Launtz Camp again? I went cross-country there right after the fire, but I hear even that’s problematic now.

  3. Betsy! Robert! That looks like it was a good trip. Were there delicious hor d’ouveres?

    The trails say “thank you.”

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