Cycling the Peachtree-Cholame Country

The long road across the Salinas Valley. The high ridges of the Southern Diablo Range beckon us on.

Entering the hills. This range of hills lies to the south of the Gabilans (which reach their southern end around Chalone Creek) and to the west of what’s generally considered to be the Diablo Range … yet they don’t seem to have a name of their own.

Peachtree Valley

That’s the kind of sign we like to see.

The fault twisted country around Pancho Rico Creek.

Climbing out of Slack Canyon through gray pines and white oaks.

The wide open spaces of the Cholame Valley. Less than ten cars seen in over 90 miles of riding.

One Response to Cycling the Peachtree-Cholame Country

  1. Phyllis Orrick says:

    Great details. I’ve actually ridden the peachtree some. Do you have a route map you prefer?

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