More Alta Vista Memories

Last week’s post, Remembering Alta Vista, has generated so much interest, as well as some wonderful photos from Judith Goodman and Mark P., that we’ve been inspired to dig even deeper into our own dusty boxes of photos.

So here they are – a whole new batch of Alta Vista memories …

Morton Grant, Harry Dick Ross, Anne Meyrose & Lillian Bos Ross in front of the root cellar – 1939 (Photo courtesy of Judith Goodman)

The scraper – Late 1970’s (Photo courtesy of Judith Goodman)

Doing the laundry – Late 1970’s (Photo courtesy of Judith Goodman)

Mocho and the pine cone – Easter 1980

Easter egg hunt – 1980

The swing – 1981

Firefighters rest in the barn during the fight to save Alta Vista from the 1985 Rat Creek Fire. The Forest Service worked hard to save Alta Vista and other structures during Rat Creek – but apparently had other priorities during 2008’s Basin Complex Fire. (Photo courtesy of Judith Goodman)

A helicopter carries a bucket of water past Alta Vista as the Rat Creek Fire winds down. Note the cleared yard and the scorched hillside in the background. Even the Arundo was spared! – 1985 (Photo courtesy of Judith Goodman)

Dee Dee Davis & Meighan O’Brien – 1986

Carrying a mattress into the barn. Note how well the hillside in the background has already recovered from the Rat Creek Fire – 1988

Tomato garden – 1988

Gwyn Vandevere & Johnnie Wilson in the swing – 1988

Grapes with a view – 1988

Summer – 1988

Anti-fly regalia allows Johnnie Wilson to concentrate on his watercolors – 1988

The corral – 1988

The Outhouse – 1988

Jud Vandevere relaxes after dinner -April 1989

Lupine blooming under the window – April 1989

Interior – August 1989

This is the best shot we’ve found of the redwood floor – August 1989

Judith, Jud & Jeff botanizing at Michael’s Point – August 1989

Judith working on the barn – September 1989

Barn reshingling. Note the chicken house in the background – September 1989

Gwyn hunting easter eggs – 1990

The mortgage burning party – June 23, 1991

Mortgage burners – June 23, 1991

View from the door. Morning after the mortgage burning – June 24, 1991

Interior – Early 1990’s (Photo courtesy of Mark P.)

View from near the water tank – Early 1990’s (Photo courtesy of Mark P.)

Waving good-bye – March, 2008

The grape arbor – July 8, 2008

4 Responses to More Alta Vista Memories

  1. bigsurkate says:

    oh, man. what a history. Thanks XT, and thanks Judith, whose book, Big Sur Women I just reread today. What a gift to us you both are. Blessed be. bigusrkate

  2. Chris L says:

    Yes, let me echo Kate’s gratitude. A haunting time. A history that seems like it can only be alluded to. For example, thank heaven for the prescience of those helicopter trips and for the work of packing up, organizing, flying out those notes. But who could’ve really known? Sometimes even short-sighted human timing can seem impeccable.

  3. Lois DeFord says:

    These photos are a treasure – thanks so much for posting them. I need to re-read Big Sur Women as well!

  4. dave nelson says:

    You failed to note who was re-shingling the barn- none other than St. Steven of the Santa Lucias- Steve Chambers.

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