Surf City Halloween Costume Cross


Waiting for the start of the Costume Cross

Back in its Belgian homeland, cyclocross means running and riding over barriers, snow, mud, and frozen ruts. The races also pass through beer tents where the spectators keep warm and quench their thirst.

Here on the Central Coast, cyclocross season more often brings warm weather and dust. And at the Surf City Halloween Cyclocross, at the Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds near Watsonville, it means riding through a swine stable instead of a beer tent.

But fear not. There was no lack of beer on this warm Halloween Day.


Riders in costume are a common sight at many cyclocross races. Halloween just pushes the envelope a little further.


Pursued by a shark


The Graveyard


Candy Corn Girl climbs into the saddle on the fly.


Sponge Bob


The Devil


Spy vs. Spy


High Steppin’


In the coffin

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