State Parks to Stay Open


China Cove, Pt. Lobos

It’s been obvious from the start that closing parks would cost the state more money than it would save. As this fact became increasingly difficult to ignore during the past few weeks, and as the announcement of the closure list was repeatedly delayed, it became more and more obvious that the Governor’s Office was going to back away from the park closure plans. And today, sure enough, the Governor has announced that all state parks will stay open. The new plan is to save money mainly by reducing the amount of time that parks are open and by reducing maintenance.

We’re glad they won’t be trying to kick us off the beach, but with the difficulty State Parks is already having keeping their property adequately maintained this doesn’t seem like much of a victory.

One Response to State Parks to Stay Open

  1. bigsurkate says:

    To me, it seemed the threats to close the State Parks were posturing during the budget process, once again. It is not surprising that the “plan” — such as it was — is no longer on the table. Of course, the sale of bonds which exceeded expectations helped to bring a needed influx of monies into the state’s coffers.

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