Mudslide Closes Highway 1 as Rain Totals Climb

11:00PM Monday March 2

As 24-hour rainfall totals are now above 5 inches at some Coast Ridge locations, there is obviously a potential for debris flows should significant additional rain arrive tonight. Already Highway 1 has been closed, at least temporarily, by a mudslide/debris flow between Fernwood and the State Park Entrance (the slide occurred about 10:30PM). At least one vehicle is reportedly trapped in the slide, which involves mud, rocks and trees and covers the entire roadway. CalTrans hopes to have the road reopened by around 2:00AM. We’re guessing that’s a bit optimistic.

Tuesday Morning Update

The slide was cleared by about 2:30AM and the Highway was fully reopened a few hours later. We just hope the people caught in the slide weren’t wearing their best shoes …

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