BAER Team Burn Intensity Maps

So just how hot did the fire burn? And where did it burn? Burned Area Emergency Response (BAER) Team maps are beginning to filter out that provide some clues:

Here’s a Google Earth overlay version giving an overview of the Basin Fire. As you might expect, red indicates an intense burn, yellow a moderate burn and green a low burn.


This overview of the Indians Fire shows that it’s average intensity was a good deal higher. Most likely because the weather was so much hotter and drier during most of the time it was burning.


This close-up shows the heavy burning on the ridges surrounding Tassajara.


The Miller Fork, by contrast, appears to have gotten off pretty lightly.


Along the North Fork Little Sur, the fire had difficulty burning at all in the deep, marine layer protected canyon, but often burned ferociously on the ridge tops.


A view of Partington Canyon.


A view of Esalen


Here’s what it looks like in more traditional map format (click map for larger version that can be zoomed in on and explored).


3 Responses to BAER Team Burn Intensity Maps

  1. pendoodles says:

    I pray we get some sort of moisture in those heavily burnt areas that will cause the grasses to grow before winter hits. I worry for my friends and others that are living all across California in the direct line where slides might occure after the fires this year.

  2. Bert says:

    I would love to get a copy of the BAER overlay to use with Google Earth in examining
    my own favorite (former) sites in LPNF and Ventana Wilderness. Can you indicate a website
    from which the BAER overlay can be downloaded? Also, are there any post-fire aerial maps
    in the works (to anyone’s knowledge) that might soon appear in Google Earth? Thanks for any information.

  3. Adam says:

    Thanks! This is very useful for you to be keeping up.

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