Escaping the Smoke – An Interlude in the City & Beyond

By Friday, we were ready for a break from the smoke. Going to the city in search of fresh air might seem a bit counterintuitive, but a lot of things have been upside down this week.

We took our bikes, of course. Saturday morning just wouldn’t be Saturday morning without a ride.

We headed for the Golden Gate Bridge.

It’s a lot more fun to cross on a bike.

In Sausalito, a pink Smart Car became an object of desire.

Deep in the redwoods, we stopped at Brass Monkey State Park (it may actually have some other name, but that’s what we’ve known it as since we rode through here on a particularly freezing day last fall).

The rolling hills of Marin.

The sidewalk is always thick with cyclists in front of the Bovine Bakery in Pt. Reyes Station.

And cyclists are only part of the show …

They asked if we could stay to watch the circus, but it was time for us to roll.

Leaving Stinson Beach for a climb over Mt. Tamalpais.

… and a windy ride back across the bridge (the view from the bridge was great, but the gusting wind was more than strong enough to rule out freeing up a hand for the camera).

A few refreshing adult beverages, a good dinner with friends, and the batteries are charged for another round of posting thermal imaging maps to the web!

One Response to Escaping the Smoke – An Interlude in the City & Beyond

  1. silvia says:

    I am in Buenos Aires almost 24/7 sitting by my computer looking for news regarding the fire developments . My home is in Burns Creek and I intend to get back to it when the fire will come to an end.
    I enjoy and appreciate your postings and look forward to the next .
    Great site !, thank you for the service

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