Xasáuan Tandem Team



Xasáuan Tandem Team Crushes


Sets New Davis 12-Hour Race

Course Record!!!


Well, O.K. So we were the only tandem team that entered the event. Not our fault that 12-Hour time trials don’t get more tandem entries.

And, yeah, it was a new course they were using, meaning we would have won and set a course record even if we’d only ridden around the block and then called it a day.

In the end we rode 213 miles. We admit this is not a huge distance to ride in 12 hours – but considering all the climbing and the demoralizing headwinds, we were relatively pleased with ourselves.

Here’s a couple of photos ….




Stay tuned for tall tales of our adventures at the Solvang, Bass Lake, Mt. Tam and Davis Doubles …

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