The Way of the Cyclist


Some may claim that the wheel was history’s greatest invention, but what good were wheels until bikes came along?


Here at Xasáuan Today we are unapologetic fans of the bicycle and bicycling culture.


Riding, Racing, Commuting, Touring …. we like it all.


From the adventures of our very own Xasáuan Tandem Team to Tales of the car free lifestyle and the latest racing updates, we’ve got all the links you need right here!

See photos from our excellent Tour of California adventure, Pie Ride and Fremont Peak Ride.

Read our rant on Bicycle Safety and the Rules of the Road

Read all our cycling-related posts

Check out our favorite car free lifestyle blogger – Asana Cycles

Thrill to the latest race results and drug scandals –

Read tall tales from bicycle tourists around the world – Touring Stories

Bike race or sleep deprivation contest? You be the judge – RAAM

Plan your next double century – California Triple Crown

Peruse the Western States Ride Calendar – Calendar

Enjoy a Passau to Vienna bike tour

Become a complete and unrepentant bike geek – Campy Only

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