Spam Haiku

Every day, a barrage of spam is launched at the Xasáuan Today comment sections and, every day, the WordPress spam filters block those comments with an amazing degree of accuracy. While most spam is depressingly boring and predictable, some spammers, in their attempt to craft a message that the filter might mistake for a real comment, end up (often with the help of automatic translation) transcending their mercenary purpose and creating texts of extraordinary vision and power. Haiku-like in brevity, and enigmatic as koans, these gems deserve to be preserved and appreciated.

And that’s just what we’re going to do. From now on, this page will be the home of the best spam messages we receive ….

Received June 21, 2009:

Great I objective be familiar with on yahoo some unified got sued $80000 per commotion downloaded! 24 songs you do the math! I would warrant a BILLION in this CAUSE! Proverbial people! Give her a train!

Received June 22, 2009:

Very very informative and useful article. Yes, nowadays such important problems are existed. In fact in these countries exist different programs, but they not so developed. I think the government of these countries must pay more attention to such themes.

Received June 23, 2009:

Almost $2 million backs after downloading 24 songs? What every undivided does it but the lady got her human being ruined down it? Thats the fine suited for illegitimate downloading…are you SIREOUS?

Received June 25, 2009:

Killzone 2 – the best PS3 game yet?Still LittleBigPlanet for me, but Sony’s new shooter is mightily impressive.
What you think about my web?

Received June 26, 2009:

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curious commercial loaf meat music video

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tit heaven on earth

Received July 6, 2009:

Music of Michael Jackson is going to live for ever no matter what, I think It’s became a legendof ‘pop’, He was so stressfullast time and has lots of problems, poor guy – that was probably end for him – so sad all we can do is keep his music in our hearts.

Received July 8, 2009:

Cool blog all we need islashings of sexy girls could do with more like it, good luck with this by the way.

Received July 10, 2009:

Hi, I euphemistic pre-owned to application barely.

Received July 12, 2009:

Viagra is a panacea medication so you can’t corrupt Viagra from the counter. You will-power insistence a doctor to fight a prescription and also in behalf of a posologist to then disburse it.

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