The Xasáuan Today Guide to California’s November 2010 Propositions

Prop. 19 – Marijuana Legalization – YES

Marijuana prohibition is an obvious failure. Passing this Proposition would be a major step toward defunding gangs and getting destructive marijuana growing operations out of wild lands and into the agricultural areas where they belong.

Prop. 20 – Congressional Redistricting – YES

We don’t know how good the new Citizen Redistricting Commission is going to be at drawing district boundaries, but we do know they’ll have a hard time doing a worse job than the State Legislature.

Prop. 21 – Vehicle License Surcharge for State Parks – YES

Is a regressive fee the best way to fund our parks? No … but it may be the only way available.

Prop. 22 – Protection of Local, Transportation, and Redevelopment Funds – NO

Is raiding local funds a good way to balance the state budget? No … but protecting certain budget categories from cuts in times of low revenue simply means that deeper cuts will be made in other equally or more important areas.

Prop. 23 – Suspension of Greenhouse Gas Emission Laws – NO

They’re kidding, right?

Prop. 24 – Repeal Recent Corporate Tax Breaks – YES

Slipped through during budget negotiations, these tax breaks (which benefit only a select few companies) should never have been passed in the first place.

Prop. 25 – Majority Vote Budget – YES

In a democracy, a majority is all it takes to pass a budget. In California, we’ve allowed a minority to prevent passage of a budget for far too long. It isn’t working out. Time to try democracy.

Prop. 26 – Expand Two-Thirds Vote Requirement – NO

Like the two-thirds vote requirement for budgets? The oil and tobacco companies sponsoring this Proposition hope you’ll expand the requirement to cover levies and charges – making it easier for them to escape financial responsibility for the harm they cause.

Prop. 27 – Eliminate the State Redistricting Commission – NO

Give the State Legislature back the ability to draw their own districts? No thanks.


2 Responses to The Xasáuan Today Guide to California’s November 2010 Propositions

  1. bigsurkate says:

    Nice summary XT. Amazing how similar our positions are.

  2. little sur fan says:

    I already voted by mail, books looks like we’re in agreement for the most part.

    Both 20 and 27 supports seem to be jumping the gun on what the 2010 census data will say for California… which may turn out to be surprising

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