New Direction in Marina?

With Mayor Ila Mettee-McCutchon on her way to the Board of Supervisors, could the Marina City Council already be headed in a new direction? It certainly seems possible after they voted 3-1 last night against moving forward with the ill-considered “luxury” auto dealership Mayor McCutchon seemed to think was such a good idea.

Marina residents turned out to blast the project, pointing out that Marina’s own land use plan sets the property aside as open space – but public opposition hasn’t ever dampened Marina officialdom’s enthusiasm for development in the past – and we don’t remember them letting inconvenient details, like the policies of the land use plan, bother them before. Yet, last night one council member (and it wasn’t even the council’s long-time voice of reason, Ken Gray) even indicated that he thought Marina might be approving too much development too quickly.

Will this unexpected outbreak of common sense actually take root? Will it spread to other jurisdictions? We can only hope ….


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