McCutchon Anointed Supervisor

In accordance with the Republican Party’s long tradition of respect for democratic values, the Governor has appointed Ila Mettee-McCutchon to the Supervisorial seat she was in the middle of a hard fought campaign to win – thus saving her the trouble of needing to actually gain the support of a majority of the voters before assuming office.

The move not only grants McCutchon the advantage of incumbency, but also assures her of almost a complete year in which to etch the imprint of her unique vision into the Monterey County landscape (even if the voters reject her in June, she will still remain ensconced in her seat at the Board of Supervisors until January).

Given the fragile nature of the coalition supporting the current General Plan compromise, many had hoped the Governor would leave it to the voters to fill the seat – or that he, at least, would appoint someone less partisan and someone not currently seeking election to the post (the late Supervisor Jerry Smith’s wife, Byrl, comes to mind).

But that’s politics. Time to write another check to Jane Parker for Supervisor.



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